Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

A. “The company” refers to Car Source Pte Ltd

B. “Buyer” refers to the registered member participate in the auction bidding conducted through this website, who accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

C “Seller” refers to the vehicle’s owner who entrusts the Company to put up an auction to sell their vehicle via the Company’s website.

2. General

A. The Sale shall be conducted through auction via the Company website.

B. The buyer agrees to pay the Company a 1.25% of the selling price as a referring fee upon being the successful bidder.

C. In any case, where the buyer did not purchase the seller’s car directly, instead sold it via Consignment basis, the buyer also need to pay a referring fee to the Company.

D. The highest bidder shall be the buyer, nevertheless, there is no obligation for the Company to sell to the highest bidder. The Company’s decision on the successful bidder is final.

E. The buyer is responsible for inspecting the lots, he intended to buy and if he buys without previous inspection, he shall be deemed to have done so at his own risk.

F. The Company and the seller will not be responsible for any damage to life or the accident that may occur prior to, or during the progress of and the sales.

G. The Company and the seller do not authorise any person in the employment of the auctioneer to make or give any representation of warranty.

H. Neither the Company nor the seller is responsible for any warranty, misrepresentation or any statement in the advertisement, brochures and catalogues of the sales.