Car Source’s Story

January 16, 2017
Posted by: Andy Chin

Our Vision

Our vision has always been becoming Singapore’s best One Stop Motoring portal that provides consumer with value added services and numerous choices for all their motoring needs.

This can be done by creating a platform that connect the car seller to a network of more than hundreds dealers, with a support service that lets customers with as little inconvenience and stress as possible.

New generation thinking; Classic fashioned values.

Car Source has been started by professionals from the automobile industries who have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency & customer service offered by many car dealers in the local market.

Car Source founders have been in the automobile industry for more than 20 years, serving the customer in the area of car financing, trading & leasing. Car Source is dedicated to connecting our community to local auto dealers.  We are passionate about our local auto dealerships’ success & about making a positive impact in our community by providing a powerful resource to partner car sellers to auto dealers.

Car Source is launched with another mission which is to help car dealers in Singapore.

It doesn’t matter what type or size of a dealer you are you can tap on our network and reach your potential buyers 24/7.

Founder CarSource

Why Car Source is Better?

In Car Source, customer gets the best quote from our network of over 100+ car traders in only 1 day.

No more searching, frustration and tedious process when selling your car. We provide hassle free and step by step instructions to complete the sales, it’ll be as easy as 1-2-3.

Whilst we are always evolving and learning we believe the products we offer are unrivalled. Despite challenging economic times Car Source has experienced rapid growth and attracted clients from every sphere of the industry. The same focus we have from launch still remains today as proven by the feedback you have given us.

We believe passionately that a successful business can be built upon the foundation of honesty, integrity and a sense of fair play. We continue to work as hard as we can to achieve this.

Experience a Brand New Car Buying Process

We work hard to give you a stress-free car buying or selling experiences with our professional customer service team. Car Source guarantees to serve our communities to the best of our ability and will always stand firm on the basic set of principles that this company was founded on. 

This team of professionals can walk you through every step of the car selling process. If you are ready to experience what the Car Source team brings to the table, contact us today!