Needless to say, when you are buying a car, you would want a safe & reliable car. A salvaged car falls short on both accounts. But today, let us look into what is a salvaged car and should you buy one?

What is a salvaged car?

In most cases, damages that are over 70% of the value of the car receive a salvage title. In this case, most insurance companies do not opt to repair the car. Instead, the companies sell the damaged car to salvage yards and auto auction sites. On the other hand, one can find salvage cars in like new condition, such as loan repossessions. No matter the source of the salvage vehicle, you can use salvage vehicles for different purposes.

Cars are built to rigid specifications for safety reasons. There is a built-in integrity that is engineered so that the car can withstand accidents without collapsing. Although specific crumple zones are key safety measures, those areas have been carefully engineered so that the impact does not intrude into the passenger cabin. However, structural weakening from a previous accident is very different and extremely dangerous to the passengers in that car.

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As an example of this, I will use a can of coke. An aluminium can is very light but it can take a fair amount of your weight before collapsing due to the integrity of the design. If you were to place the smallest dent in the can it only be able to withstand a fraction of your weight? Even if you try to bring the can back into its original shape it will never be the same.

The same applies to your car frame. Once it has been compromised, no amount of “straightening” will bring back the original integrity. The unsuspecting owner is driving a car that, if it were in an accident, even a relatively minor one, the car would never be able to withstand the stress loads that it was originally designed to handle and it would tragically collapse.

Add to that the airbags that most likely deployed in a previous accident. You are trusting someone took the time to properly restuff, reprogram and safely put those very expensive airbags back together like it was originally designed. Just like the rest of the car, it will never perform to factory specifications and the result is often catastrophic.

But how can you be positive that the car that you are interested in buying does not have previous repairs?

There are a few good places to start.  A car with a salvaged title is a pretty good candidate for frame damage and it is one that the insurance company declared a total loss. In other words, the total repair cost from an accident would have exceeded the value of the car. In these cases, the title would have to reflect this.

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However, there will always be cars that somehow get through the process of frame repair without being branded a total loss. It happens more than you might think. Therefore it is important to know how to spot the evidence of this frame straightening procedure. Lucky for all car source buyers, we have done this on your behalf and making sure all the cars are in good condition.


Salvage vehicles are becoming more popular every day. Because of their numerous advantages, many people from different economic backgrounds opt to purchase such vehicles. In this way, you can attain quality cars at a fair price. Cars are deemed salvage for numerous reasons. For one, the vehicle might have been in an accident. When a vehicle is involved in an accident, the insurance company determines if the car will be rendered salvage.


There are many uses of salvage cars. First, you can purchase salvage vehicles and repair them for on-road use. This is one advantage of salvage cars. In this way, one can attain a quality make the car that is exponentially more affordable than a new car. As long as you locate reputable salvage yards, you will find the needed salvage car at an affordable price.

In addition, you should assess the cost of repairing the salvage car. This fact is important so that you do not invest in salvage cars that will require a lot of time and money to make the vehicles road-ready. Purchasing salvage cars is an affordable way of attaining and owning a vehicle. Ideally, simple and minimal repairs will refurbish the car.

Second, some people opt to purchase salvage cars and use them to for their spare parts. This method is mostly implemented by mechanics and dealerships. Purchasing new parts for a car is relatively expensive. If you purchase a salvage vehicle that has a good engine, however, you can dismantle the vehicle, use the workable parts, and scrap the rest. Indeed, many garages use salvage vehicles to acquire quality parts.

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